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Andhra Chemical Supplies

Andhra Chemical Supplies (ACS) was established in the year 1956 by Shri Ramdas D. Shah. Even at the age of 86, Shri Ramdas D. Shah is a partner and chief advisor to the company. The day to day affairs are being managed by Shri Lakshmidas R. Shah, partner Andhra Chemical Supplies, with the help of support staff.

Andhra Chemical Supplies is based in Hyderabad with head office in Goshamahal and supplies products to different parts of the state.

With presence mostly in the veterinary industry, ACS has been working closely with the government of the state to supply various products for cattle and poultry. Our product range includes and is not limited to fodder, veterinary equipment and chaff cutters. Today ACS is mainly dealing in veterinary surgical, diagnostic, and artificial insemination equipments. The company also deals with allied products such as chaff cutters of various capacities and models.