Welcome to Andhra Chemicals!

Our company was formed in 1986 and we are mainly selling to the Government organisation. We have in the past supplied veterinary surgical equipments such as, different types of scissors, forceps, vaccine carriers, drenching guns, disposable & reusable syringes, disposable and reusable needles, artificial insemination equipments and many more things (related to veterinary hospitals).

Our sister concern M/s. Andhra Chemical Supplies was formed in 1956 and are in the veterinary business since then. Our company was formed in 1986 and as above we are in veterinary equipments and also medicine business since then. We are manufacturing certain powdered herbal medicines also and supplying to the GOVERNMENT organisations.

Hyderabad is capital of Andhra Pradesh, a State of Southern Part of India. There are 23 districts (county) in the State. This State stands 1st in Sheep Breading and Rearing in the Country, 1st in the Country in Poultry and 2nd in the Country in Live Stock. Majority of the farmers are small farmers and get the help from the concerned Government Orgnisations. Looking at the scenario, there will be good business for your products through the Government Organisations.