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About Us

Andhra Chemical Supplies (ACS) was established in the year 1956 by Shri Ramdas D. Shah. Even at the age of 86, Shri Ramdas D. Shah is a partner and chief advisor to the company. The day to day affairs are being managed by Shri Lakshmidas R. Shah, partner Andhra Chemical Supplies, with the help of support staff.

The Andhra Chemical Supplies started with supplying chemicals mainly to the government departments and to small dealers locally. We are also into cattle fodder business with facility in the suburbs of Hyderabad. ACS has established itself as a reputed distributor in the veterinary industry.

As the transition took place, the company started dealing in veterinary medicines and small veterinary surgical items. We strive to introduce the latest veterinary surgical, diagnostic, and artificial insemination equipments for use in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

ACS has been working closely with the government of the state to supply various products for cattle and poultry. Our product range includes and is not limited to fodder, veterinary equipment and chaff cutters. 

Many veterinary professionals have been benefitted by introduction of latest equipments. We are at present dealing in products such as HSW DRENCH-MATIC® Self-filling application system for the administration of solutions and suspensions for sheep, cattle, and goats 10/23/30 ml; HSW MULTI-MATIC® Dosage syringe for multiple dosing of live stock 25/50 ml; Surgical Kits; and Chaff Cutters.